Commercial Services

Shipping markets are cyclical in nature, and the business of ship-owning includes many commercial complexities. Wallem’s commercial services team possesses an in-depth understanding of commercial shipping, chartering and the legal intricacies of an asset’s lifecycle. Our experts help you to identify opportunities and can provide end-to-end solutions.

Commercial Management

Wallem provides commercial management solutions for a wide array of vessels, with services including full chartering and marine accounting. Our commercial operations are backed by an integrated management platform that facilitates efficient planning, monitoring and performance analysis – Anywhere and anytime

Advisory & Investment Solutions

Providing a full range of maritime investment management services, Wallem identifies opportunities and provides end-to-end solutions to realise them. Our services include project evaluation, financial analysis, debt-financing assistance, insurance, flagging and registration and advice on exit opportunities.

Asset Protection

Major financial institutions have turned to Wallem for support in handling default situations and the takeover of distressed assets. Based on our detailed condition surveys and methodical evaluation of financial, operational and market risk we  can advise on the best commercial solutions – whether trading, sale or recycling. We can also intervene in the auditing of counterparties and in negotiations with trade creditors. Furthermore, we assist lenders in monitoring the condition and operational capability of vessels within their financed fleet and recommend actions to maintain optimum asset value.

Sale, Purchase and Loan Facility Management

Wallem provides support with vessel valuations and condition assessments, business intelligence, MOA negotiations, sale documentation, delivery and post-delivery. We have a strong track record in advising alternative finance providers on loan agreements for specialised shipping projects. We also act as facility/security agents, assisting in monitoring the transaction, complying with conditions and calculating interests, waterfalls, payments and more.