Ship Management

A ship owner or Charterer relies on operational excellence and the efficient use of resources to be economically successful. Wallem helps its clients to optimise vessel and commercial performance through a combination of technical expertise and performance management.


Wallem have had the experience of managing most types of vessels over its 120-year history. As industry leaders we combine our experience and technical expertise with our global footprint to deliver world class ship management services.

Performance management and accountability

Throughout its esteemed history, Wallem been able to demonstrate the experience and commitment to help ship owners and Charterers achieve their goals.

Ship owners benefit from more than a century of experience and a team of industry experts. We focus on your fleet’s specific needs and provide proactive recommendations so ship owners stay ahead of trends and make strategic decisions that will reduce fleet costs and maximise the use and availability of their fleet.

Safety and compliance

The highest standards of safety and compliance are embedded into our culture and is the main focal point for our crew training programmes.

We work every day to deliver safe, reliable and compliant ship operations, while we consistently engage with industry stakeholders to develop and promote best practices.

From Vetting programmes to regulatory requirements, Wallem participates in all major industry frameworks, meeting the highest industry requirements of compliance, transparency and performance.