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Wallem crew rescue fisherman in Java Sea

Wallem crew rescue fisherman in Java Sea
The Wallem-managed ship Angleviken rescued a fisherman off Indonesia on April 20th

A ship under the management of Wallem Group rescued a man who had been adrift in the Java Sea for two days last week after he had jumped from a fishing vessel, reportedly in preference to continuing to work without pay.

The man was picked up by Angleviken as the LR2 tanker approached anchorage at Balongan, Indonesia on 20th April, after Capt. Bhanu Kundi sighted a floating object approx. 20 degrees port, at approx. 2.5 nm ahead of the vessel and distance from nearest land approx. 12 nm from the ship at 12.30 local time. As the Viken-owned ship came closer, the object was identified as a person in the water supported by a life buoy.

With the Master giving orders to sound the General Alarm, a MOB (man overboard) announcement over the vessel’s PA system prompted Angleviken’s Indian, Ukrainian, and Filipino crew to start rescue operations. Conscious and uninjured, by 13.18, the man had been taken safely on board.

“The crew of Angleviken acted with exemplary speed and discipline to rescue a fellow seafarer in distress within an hour of the first sighting,” said Alexander Ostrovskiy, Senior Marine & Safety Manager, Wallem Group. “We thank them for their professionalism throughout this incident, and for once more demonstrating their over-riding commitment to the protection of life at sea.”

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