• 20.10.14 Global recognition for rescue crew
  • 15.10.14 Wallem Fleet Personnel Director appointed
  • 25.08.14 Amver Awards presented to Wallem-managed fleet
  • 06.08.14 AO Shipping nominates Wallem for two new-buildings
  • 28.07.14 Search suspended for missing seafarer - MT Sigma Integrity
  • 27.07.14 Man overboard incident - MT Sigma Integrity
  • 18.06.14 Dickson Chin promoted to Ship Agency Managing Director
  • 17.06.14 Wallem's True North magazine is now available - Issue 2 - 2014
  • 08.05.14 Höegh Autoliners and Wallem sign Shipman deal
  • 25.04.14 Ioannis Stefanou appointed Global Technical Director
  • 22.04.14 Ship Owners Want Dedicated Crewing Pools
  • 08.04.14 Hong Kong Shipping Company Leads Awards for Industry
  • 08.04.14 Wallem Scoops Awards Pool
  • 07.04.14 Wallem wins Most Compassionate Employer of Indian Seafarers Award
  • 01.04.14 Wallem's True North magazine is now available - Issue 1 - 2014
  • 10.03.14 Breakbulk China 12-13 March - Wallem offers comprehensive breakbulk services
  • 07.03.14 Cruise Shipping Miami 10-13 March 2014 - Asia expertise essential for consistency of service
  • 28.11.13 Wallem celebrates 110 years with party in Singapore
  • 26.11.13 Latest True North magazine out now
  • 20.11.13 Assistance for typhoon-affected sea and shore staff
  • 18.11.13 Proud delivery of seafarers’ bill of rights
  • 19.08.13 Chief Operating Officer commences as Wallem Strengthens Leadership Team
  • 07.06.13 Wallem Group Strengthens Team with Appointment of New Managing Director of Ship Management
  • 14.05.13 Group opens offices in South Africa to meet client demand
  • 14.05.13 New appointments in Malaysia and Thailand
  • 15.04.13 Wallem Strengthens Executive Team As Delivering Maritime Solutions Becomes New Way Forward for the Group
  • 09.04.13 Wallem Opens First Hub of Expertise in Singapore as it Looks to Establish Strategic Maritime Locations Around the World
  • 24.03.13 "Delivering Maritime Solution" video
  • 01.12.12 SeaSafe Marine - new lifeboat service already proving valuable to ship owners
  • 29.10.12 Independent Lifeboat Servicing & Testing
  • 20.10.12 Women of Wallem (WoW) launched in Sri Lanka
  • 19.10.12 HAL / Seabourn cruise agency secured in Vietnam
  • 16.10.12 Tanker Safety
  • 30.09.12 Women of Wallem (WoW) active in Philippines
  • 29.09.12 Freight forwarding in Vietnam
  • 28.09.12 Wallem speaks at major Cruise Conference
  • 07.09.12 Award for health programme in Hong Kong
  • 05.09.12 ISC and Wallem create ship management alliance
  • 25.07.12 Flying horses
  • 23.07.12 NW Ship Management launched in Singapore
  • 15.06.12 Largest cruise vessel calls at Hong Kong
  • 11.05.12 Two ships win Car Carrier of the Year Awards
Global recognition for rescue crew
Global recognition for rescue crew
20 October 2014
The maritime industry has recognised the oldest obligation of the sea with…

The maritime industry has recognised the oldest obligation of the sea with an award for rescue at sea. The Lloyds List Global Awards, presented in London on 30 September, bestowed the Amver Assisted Rescue at Sea Award on the crew of the specialised reefer ship Crown Sapphire for their successful rescue of two sailors from a yacht in the Atlantic Ocean in March 2014. The rescue was accomplished in treacherous weather conditions.

Lloyds List Global Awards 2014Captain Wig, the Crown Sapphire’s commander with almost 25 years’ experience as a captain, gave the order to alter course towards the distressed sailing vessel's position to provide assistance / rescue.

Despite the adverse weather conditions, Captain Wig skilfully manoeuvred the Crown Sapphire to a safe position near the sailing yacht to initiate the rescue operations. The crew of the Crown Sapphire had already prepared the rescue gear and were able to safely rescue the sailors.

All rescue efforts are important, no matter how small, but to be singled out for their efforts is a compliment to the dedication and professionalism of crew members.

Chief Officer Gennady Dubinin was a special guest at Wallem Group’s table at the Awards, and was on stage, along with Wallem Group CEO Simon Doughty, to receive the Award on behalf of the Crown Sapphire crew.Chief Officer Gennady Dubinin

Crown Sapphire is a specialised reefer ship operated by NYKCool AB, owned by NYK Reefers Ltd., and managed by Wallem Ship Management.

The Crown Sapphire crew received a letter of commendation for the rescue from the United States Coast Guard which praised the seafarers for their “vigilance during this mission is greatly appreciated and exemplifies the commitment of all mariners, to help others in distress.”

Wallem Fleet Personnel Director appointed
Wallem Fleet Personnel Director appointed
15 October 2014
Fared Khan has been appointed as Wallem Ship Management’s new Fleet Personnel…

Fared Khan, Fleet Personnel DirectorFared Khan has been appointed as Wallem Ship Management’s new Fleet Personnel Director, spearheading the company’s recruitment and retention of professional seafarers. Fared is based in Wallem’s Hong Kong head office.

Simon Doughty, Wallem Group CEO, said the Group wanted to attract and retain qualified and experienced sea staff.

“Seafarers play a central role in our business success, and the person who leads the Fleet Personnel team is significant in defining the type of seafarers we attract,” said Mr Doughty.

“We are fortunate to employ a pool of motivated and qualified seafarers and we want to ensure they stay with Wallem in the long term, and we employ more of these professionals.”

Fared Khan comes with rich experience in tankers, and is a master mariner himself. For many years he led the fleet personnel team at a leading tanker company in Singapore, developing a pool of professional seafarers. During this time, on board injuries (LTIFs) significantly reduced and seafarer engagement increased, improving the on board working and living environment.

Fared will lead Wallem’s Fleet Personnel Teams across Wallem and work closely with our Safety & Insurance Team and Technical Teams to deliver similar results for Wallem.

Wallem has a pool of 12,000 seafarers, employing from India, the Philippines, and China, each nationality making up a third of the pool. The remainder ten per cent are recruited from Eastern Europe, Vietnam, Thailand and Myanmar.

Amver Awards presented to Wallem-managed…
Amver Awards presented to Wallem-managed fleet
25 August 2014
More than ten per cent of Wallem’ Ship Managements fleet was presented…

More than ten per cent of Wallem’ Ship Managements fleet was presented with Amver (Automated Mutual-Assistance Vessel Rescue System) Awards by Captain Michael H. Sim, United States Coast Guard Liaison Officer to China, in Hong Kong today.

Simon Doughty, Wallem Group CEO, received the Awards on behalf of the crew on board each of the vessels recognised for their involvement.

“Assistance at sea is the oldest maritime obligations, and I am proud to be associated with the Wallem seafarers who uphold this worthy tradition,” said Mr Doughty.

Of the 47 Wallem-managed vessels receiving an Award, the Banda Sea stands head and shoulders above the rest, being recognised for 23 consecutive years of involvement in the Amver rescue system.

Captain Gennadiy I. Mozzhin of the Banda Sea, says Amver is important because it supports the sea-going community: “There is a world community, a world community of those that go to sea. Together we can save lives.”

Amver is sponsored by the United States Coast Guard and is a unique, computer-based and voluntary global reporting system, used worldwide by search and rescue authorities to arrange for assistance to persons in distress at sea. With Amver, rescue coordinators can identify participating ships in the area of distress and divert the best-suited ship or ships to respond.

Amver’s mission is to quickly provide search and rescue authorities, on demand, accurate information on the positions and characteristics of vessels near a reported distress.

The Amver Awards Program was inaugurated in 1971 to recognise vessels which regularly participate in the Amver system.

Wallem Ship Management vessels recognised with an Amver Award:

  1. Artemis Leader
  2. Bali Sea
  3. Banda Sea
  4. Caspian Galaxy
  5. Cedar 6
  6. Cetus Leader
  7. Challenge Pearl
  8. Champion Pleasure
  9. Col Caballero
  10. Crown Opal
  11. Dubai Star
  12. Ethel L
  13. Forte
  14. Genco Hunter
  15. Genco Muse
  16. Genco Success
  17. Genmar Harriet G
  18. GH Fortune
  19. Golden Fan
  20. Green Dale
  21. Gunhild Kirk
  22. Harbour Splendor
  23. Intrepid Harvester
  24. Island Splendor
  25. Izumo
  26. Kondor
  27. Lisa J
  28. Lone Star
  29. Maxim
  30. Ocean Crescent
  31. Orion Leader
  32. Penta
  33. Pine 2
  34. Pine 4
  35. Sea Splendor
  36. Singapore Star
  37. Sonangol Girassol
  38. Sonangol Kassanje
  39. Sonangol Rangel
  40. Spring Splendor
  41. Steven C
  42. Storviken 
  43. Telleviken
  44. Thomas C
  45. Troviken
  46. V. K. Eddie
  47. Yue Dian 83