Technical Management

Shipping companies are exposed to numerous challenges: increasing environmental and safety requirements place high demands, while operational excellence and the efficient use of resources are crucial for economic success.

To deliver operational excellence to ship owners & keep the vessel systems operative, Wallem offers its innovative technological skills, integrated business processes and the Fleet Operations Solution to support these processes.


Wallem uses the latest technology to enhance safety and improve the quality of our services across the board. The Wallem Fleet Operations Solution provides a centralised repository for accurate information storage and retrieval, which also results in reduced response times.

By enabling greater standardisation, the platform brings significant benefits in the way we manage the operation, safety, maintenance and financial performance of ships in the Wallem fleet.

We continually gather and analyse quantitative data on every aspect of vessel operation to identify potential opportunities for improvement and cost optimisation. This data-centric approach enables us to build a level of transparency in our relationships with clients.

Safety from day one

At Wallem, Safety is always the priority. Wallem offers a well-defined process and experienced team to maintain the highest safety record across the fleet.

From vetting programmes to regulatory requirements, the compliance demands placed on modern vessels have multiplied in recent years. Wallem’s knowledge of the intricacies of all major frameworks, including ISM, SIRE/TMSA and Port State Control performance monitoring are second to none.

Wallem Fleet Operations Solution considerably enhances the collaboration & data sharing between the teams and improves planning and carrying out of risk assessments. Moreover, Wallem makes it easier to track and manage the implementation of corrective actions, enhancing a process of continuous improvement.

Performance management

Wallem’s operations team closely monitors each vessel’s performance individually. They receive automated alerts in case of any deviations from instructed speed or anticipated fuel consumption, and benchmark and compare performance with other ships.

With the Wallem Fleet Operations Solution, all vessel’s certificates and other particulars are instantly available, which can save time when entering a port or required to demonstrate compliance.

In particular, the preparation of a ship for a SIRE inspection is expedited thanks to the pre-vetting template, and the system makes it easy to keep track of any subsequent corrective actions raised in the inspection results.


Wallem delivers a new level of transparency to ship owners by providing real-time visibility and insights into their vessel’s actual operating expenses. Consistent data sets bring appreciable financial benefits, not least in performing analytics of operating expenditure based on vessel type and age. In practical terms, this helps pinpoint opportunities to improve performance, extend best practice management and ultimately increase the value-add to our customers by reducing the operating cost of their vessels.