Ship Agency

Wallem provides full port agency services pre-arrival, during the call and post-departure. Our team fully understands customer requirements and has built strong relationships with the multiple stakeholders involved in a successful port call. Combining our local knowledge with well-established processes, we are always ready when you need us.

Ship Agency

Full service to vessels and crew

Our services are designed to make your port calls as efficient as possible and include full cargo & cruise agency, crew logistics, husbandry, customs clearance, dry docking, bunker services, protective agency, freight & logistics, and marine services. Wallem can also coordinate any surveys and inspections that are due to ensure your ships remain compliant.

Collaboration platform

Transparency is a core value at Wallem, which is why we have deployed an integrated cloud-based platform to streamline operations, communications and collaboration related to each port call.

The online platform is a one-stop location for the latest port updates, pre-arrival preparation, in-port service coordination and post-departure reporting, as well as for document management, financial and operational data.

It makes it easy for staff to monitor progress at every stage of a port call and to generate KPIs on time-in-port, operational delays and other essential metrics so that principals remain fully in the loop about the status of their vessels and cargo.

Cruise ship agency

Wallem is the leading cruise ship agent in Asia. We are a major voice promoting and advocating for the sector through our membership of CLIA Asia, the world’s largest cruise association.

Wallem understands that every cruise ship call poses unique challenges depending on a host of ship specific requirements, as well as managing late changes in berth availability or a sudden turn in the weather. Every call is planned well in advance and in close liaison with local authorities, facilities and service providers. Wallem plays a pivotal role in helping cruise lines navigate complex application procedures to obtain necessary approvals and can provide expert advice on the planning of itineraries.

Wallem leverages its close working relationships with all key stakeholders in the cruise industry, including terminal operators, third-party vendors such as hoteliers and transportation providers, security services providers, government departments, port authorities, customs, immigration and quarantine agencies.

General and protective agency

Our options for general and protective agency mean Wallem can take full care of ship owners’ and charterers’ interests. We closely monitor and track changes in local port rules and will handle any arrangements these changes necessitate. We can also minimise clients’ exposure to legal issues by stepping in and representing them in the event of an incident or dispute. Additional services include PDA analysis for better rates negotiation, surveyor appointments for cargo hold inspections, lay-time calculation checks, and full husbandry of vessel and crew.

Dry docking

To ensure dry dockings run smoothly and according to schedule demands extensive preparation and a high-degree of contingency planning, plus the flexibility to handle unexpected events. Wallem can assist every step of the way, from outlining the scope of required services and inventory planning, to sourcing and ensuring prompt delivery of parts, providing agency services and supporting personnel on arrival and departure, as well as taking care of systems inspections. Our utmost attention to detail reduces the risk of unplanned disruption and minimises vessel off-hire.

Bunker supply

With its increasingly stringent compliance and regulatory requirements, we recognise that bunkering is far more complicated than it once was. Wallem ensures that all pre-arrival arrangements are completed on schedule and continually keeps bunker suppliers, port authorities, pilots and other stakeholders in the loop, with frequent ETA updates to ensure deliveries take place as smoothly as possible. This is why we have a 97% track record for on-time bunker calls. Safety is paramount so launch operations are handled by the captain and one assistant onboard at all times. We also offer options for remote bunker coordination.

Project Cargo

Wallem understands the complexity around overseeing the handling of project cargo, be it tackling time constraints, understanding safety requirements to handle unusual/over-sized goods. Our team co-ordinates with Port Captain/ Cargo Superintendent/ Shippers/ Receivers to ensure the safe transport of the cargo. Working in conjunction with Wallem’s commercial team, foreign vessels can be re-flagged to operate locally for the duration of the project to provide installation & maintenance of equipment as the need be.

Liner agency

As a liner agency we support carriers across the full extent of their commercial activities from collecting freight to issuing bills of lading and releasing cargo. We orchestrate interactions with stevedores, watchmen, terminal operators, hauliers and other actors to ensure optimal operations.

Cargo booking agency

Our commercial cargo booking agency takes care of all details when booking cargo for semi-liner and bulk tramp callers. Wallem’s dedicated cargo email system means our offices work in unison and ensures that no opportunity is missed. In addition, we offer a range of specialist market analysis services for trade specific owners.

Navy husbandry agency

Wallem’s specialist husbandry agency for naval vessels operates within the strict compliance and vetting procedures necessary for the transparent coordination of services to visiting vessels. It provides round-the-clock support, working in close liaison with local defence attaché offices and consulates, to ensure the cost effective mobilisation and demobilisation of equipment.