Crew Management

With a pool of 7,000 seafarers, manning offices around the globe, and a network of wholly-owned training centres, Wallem provides professional and competent crew in all roles to match the exact needs of your trade and your fleet. We take pride in our crew and support them at every juncture. In turn they take pride in looking after your vessels.

Safety and quality

Delivering a quality service is directly linked with an unshakeable commitment to safety, which is why safety permeates everything we do. In addition to our 'Target Zero’ vision for zero injuries, zero spills and zero accidents, we have developed a culture of continuous improvement and compliance roadmap to achieve operational excellence.

Competence and training

Wallem understands a competent crew is indispensable to safe and efficient vessel operation, so we take training seriously. Our network of training centres ensures crew have not only technical proficiency but understand the commercial realities of vessel operation, the importance of compliance and, most of all, safety. We also equip them with the soft skills required to run ships in today's high-pressure environment.

Performance management

Sustaining high levels of competence for the long haul calls for a comprehensive performance management programme. We continually appraise our seafarers, carry out skill gap analyses and track performance. Wallem exploits the latest technology to make this process as seamless and transparent as possible.

Empowerment and ownership

We want our crew to care about your ships as much as you. For this reason we encourage them to take ownership and pride in their work through a culture of empowerment built on engagement and responsibility. We promote opportunities for ongoing self-improvement through our e-learning platform accessible anywhere at any time.

Recruitment and development

We recruit seafarers from around the globe including major crewing centres such as India, the Philippines and Ukraine. We are the largest provider of the Chinese crew to international ship owners and the only foreign company licensed to recruit, train and employ Chinese seafarers directly.

Industry-leading crew retention

Because consistency is vital for maintaining excellence, Wallem pays close attention to retaining its seafarers. This is reflected in our industry-leading 88% retention rate. To keep morale high, we have introduced various programmes to improve the quality of life at sea including internet access onboard, variety of catering options and wellness & mental health awareness programmes.