Commercial Services

Shipping markets are cyclical in nature, and the business of ship owning is enveloped in many commercial complexities. Yet astute management can significantly improve returns.

Our commercial services team possess an in-depth understanding of commercial shipping, chartering, contractual and legal intricacies and operations through an asset’s lifecycle. They can help you identify opportunities and provide end-to-end solutions from conceptualisation to exit.

Commercial Management

Wallem provides commercial management solutions for a fleet of crude and product tankers, chemical and gas tankers, dry bulk carriers, container ships, offshore ships and multipurpose vessels. We provide full chartering, commercial operations, and marine accounting to clients for ships employed under voyage charter, time charter and COAs.

We can enhance an asset’s commercial performance by leveraging our relationship with charterers, shippers, traders, and oil majors for strategic employment.

Our commercial operations team consists of Master Mariners who deliver additional savings by meticulously planning and supervising the day-to-day commercial operations and performance – all backed up with an integrated commercial platform for efficient planning, monitoring and performance analysis. Our team also assists with cargo claims and other commercial issues.

High returns

Wallem has a track record of delivering higher returns than market benchmarks, thanks to its talent for strategic fleet deployment based on continuous analysis of freight markets combined with meticulous supervision of costs accruing during operations. Our integrated commercial management platform provides complete transparency in letting you monitor asset performance anytime anywhere.

Advisory & investment solutions

Wallem provides a full range of maritime investment management services. We identify maritime opportunities and provide end-to-end solutions to realise them. Teaming up with Wallem also allows our customers access our specialist in-house resources eliminating the cost and inconvenience of hiring third-party consultants for sale and purchase, technical evaluation, newbuilding supervision and pre-purchase inspections.

Our services include initial project evaluation, financial analysis, debt financing assistance, insurance, flagging and registration, as well as advice on exit opportunities.

Asset protection

We are professionals at handling distressed assets. Major financial institutions have turned to us for our expertise in dealing with default situations and the takeover of distressed assets. Based on detailed condition surveys and methodical evaluation of financial, operational and market risk, we can advise on favourable commercial solutions including trading, sale or recycling. We can also intervene in the auditing of counterparties and in negotiations with trade creditors. We assist lenders in monitoring the condition and operational capability of vessels within their financed fleet and recommend actions to maintain optimum asset value.

Sale & purchase

Wallem provides complete sale and purchase solutions to sellers and buyers. We offer our extensive market experience, negotiation skills and business intelligence. We provide support through the entire process including MOA negotiations, sale documentation, delivery and post-delivery. We also provide valuation services and work closely with owners, financial institutions and investors in providing vessel valuations and condition assessments.

Loan facility management

Wallem has a track-record in advising alternate finance providers on loan agreements for specialised shipping projects. We advise lenders on setting up loan facilities and provide guidance on process flow in addition to commercial review of “condition precedents” and “condition subsequent”. We act as facility/security agents assisting with monitoring of the transaction, compliance with conditions, and calculation of interests, waterfalls, payments etc. Our specialist team can help you navigate the process from beginning to end.