Wallem’s specialist procurement helps shipping companies find high quality suppliers and trade cost effectively through its dedicated subsidiary SeaSafe Marine. With a combined purchasing power equivalent to a fleet of 300+ vessels and access to a pool of more than 2,000 suppliers, an easy-to-use online platform and consolidated logistics infrastructure, SeaSafe Marine delivers on cost savings, transparency and peace of mind.

Dedicated online platform

From initial request for quotes to final delivery, SeaSafe Marine’s dedicated platform streamlines and brings transparency to every stage of the procurement process. The fully online platform offers complete access to historical records as well as extensive options for report generation and data analysis across the entire supply chain.

Transparency builds reassurance

SeaSafe Marine understands that full transparency is paramount to managing budgets. Our online platform gives you round the clock access to constantly updated financial and operating cost reports, with order tracking, three-way invoice matching, and the ability to drill down to individual line item and invoice image.

Cost-saving without compromise

Outsourcing procurement to SeaSafe Marine means you benefit from reduced unit costs and logistics overheads, whilst staying in complete control. You can request quotes from across all partners in the SeaSafe Marine pool or restrict your search to preferred suppliers. Choices can be optimised according to trading routes and maintenance schedule. Regardless, you maintain final decision authority.

Stress-free logistics

Not only does SeaSafe Marine reduce costs by leveraging economies of scale, savings also result from consolidated logistics. After approving the purchase order, SeaSafe will handle delivery to the vessel, according to your requirements, handling all arrangements and coordinating with freight forwarders and port agents. That means one less thing to worry about.