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Wallem works with US Coast Guard to enhance safety at sea

5 November 2017
 |  Community, Industry

Two US Coast Guard Marine Inspectors were welcomed onboard the Wallem-managed vessel, the M.T. Tofteviken as part of the US Coast Guard Ship Rider Programme. The programme is aimed at ensuring and enhancing safety and security at sea by enabling USCG Marine Inspectors to experience operations on tanker work firsthand.

Wallem is one of the few Ship Management companies to have offered this learning experience for the USCG Marine Inspectors and gave them a warm welcome onboard. During their three-day voyage, the Marine Inspectors learnt all about various operations onboard, including discharging, loading and STS/Lightering operations. They shadowed the crew onboard, occupying their work spaces and asking them questions about the work involved.

The Inspectors were very grateful for the opportunity and to the crew for sharing their expertise, stating that they learned an immeasurable amount of information which will only aid in building better Marine Inspectors. With safety at sea as one of our main focuses, Wallem looks forward to working together closely with the USCG to further support this programme.

See full article on the ride on board experience published in issue 3 2017 of True North magazine including compliments from the US Coast Guard inspectors.