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Statement from Wallem Group

5 August 2016
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A formal complaint from Miss Sophia Walker was received on 19th July 2016 regarding a gender discrimination claim in relation to the interview of cadets at Fleetwood Nautical College in the United Kingdom. Wallem addressed Miss Walker’s complaint and responded to her directly on 20th July with an unreserved apology and an invitation for further dialogue, which was rejected by Miss Walker.

Wallem Group is an equal opportunities employer. The views expressed in the message sent to Fleetwood Nautical College, that Miss Walker objected to, were made in poor judgment by a single individual and do not in any way reflect the views held by Wallem or the values and culture of the Group. A full investigation has been carried out by the Group and disciplinary action taken in accordance with our Group policies and procedures.

We have a significant number of female seafarers serving within our fleet – over 40 female seafarers of various nationalities spread evenly across the ranks and including 6 female cadets. In addition, over 41% of our shore-based organization is female; many of whom are at senior levels in the Group.

Wallem Group has rigorous recruitment policies in place to ensure that we employ the right person for the position based on due process which takes into account their qualifications, skills, experience and a variety of assessments alone – gender is not a factor.

In addition, we have a policy in place related to recruitment at sea which clearly states that the company will treat all seafarers fairly and respectfully without bias based on a seafarer’s colour, creed, gender, race or religion either in the employment of or in advancement of a seafarer’s career.

Wallem Group regrets this unfortunate matter.