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Ship Owners Want Dedicated Crewing Pools

22 April 2014
 |  Industry

Ship owners are pushing for a dedicated crewing pool service from ship managers, with seafarers returning to an owner’s fleet of vessels with a specific manager.

“The demand for a dedicated seafarer pool service has grown as ship owners see the advantages of having the same set of sea staff rotating on their vessels. This particularly applies to senior officers, or the “top four””, said Ray Mc Namara, Wallem Ship Management Managing Director.

“The most recent case in point was Frontline Management AS requesting a dedicated seafarer pool for the Cape size bulk carriers to be taken into Wallem Ship Management from mid-April.

“For Frontline we are assembling a team of Wallem Indian and Filipino seafarers with extensive experience sailing on Wallem vessels. This team will be on exclusive rotation to the Frontline bulk carriers, becoming familiar with the vessels and their trading patterns and using that familiarity, along with their skills and knowledge, to provide a consistently high level of efficient operations.

“Wallem can provide the service because we have an extensive pool of loyal, professional seafarers with excellent knowledge and attitude towards seafaring. Other major ship owner clients use our dedicated crewing pool service for the high officer return rate we deliver.”

Retention is a focus for Wallem’s fleet personnel team, and the recent ISWAN (International Seafarers’ Association Network) Award for Shipping Company of the Year, an award backed by the ITF, was endorsement that the retention programs build loyalty and trust, consistently bringing seafarers back to Wallem.