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Proud delivery of seafarers’ bill of rights

18 November 2013
 |  General

Wallem is proud to show our commitment to seafarers’ welfare with the entire Wallem fleet meeting the target date for compliance with the Maritime Labour Convention 2006 (MLC).

At 20 August 2013 all vessels in the fleet had been audited and endorsed under the Convention. MLC 2006, also known at the “seafarers’ bill of rights”, provides a standard for decent working conditions for seafarers and a level competition field for employers.

Simon Frank, Wallem Fleet Personnel Director, said the full compliance illustrates the company’s assurance to seafarers that Wallem is committed to providing a good working environment on board.

“It is an authentication of Wallem’s compliance, but in many cases we are offering more than the industry standard. We will continue to offer employment conditions that keep us in that field,” said Simon.

“In mid-2012 we began a process of auditing our processes against the Convention, and although in most cases were offering more than the standard established by MLC, we did have some areas for improvement. So we reviewed our procedures, particularly in handling feedback, and updated them.

“The Convention will hopefully change the situation of seafarers working with less-reputable managers or ship owners. Ship owners and managers that understand the importance of seafarers in their business will, like us, have found they are already delivering on the standards set by MLC 2006.

“This isn’t to say the Convention isn’t necessary; by setting a standard for working conditions I think the whole industry shows it has an appetite to offer a better on board environment for all sea staff.”

Recently Wallem has started working with a specialist catering company to consistently deliver a high quality standard for food on board. Although not addressed by MLC 2006, personal communications between ship and shore are now an expected standard for quality crew members. In a highly connected world seafarers do not want to “drop-out” for the length of their contract. In response to the need, Wallem is introducing internet access on board for chatting, emails, internet browsing and an opportunity to purchase increased access each month.