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Masterbulk signs with SeaSafe Marine

27 May 2015
 |  Announcements

SeaSafe Marine, the expert life boat maintenance service company of the Wallem Group, has entered into a five-year global sole service supplier agreement with Masterbulk Singapore. The agreement is for lifeboat services on Masterbulk’s fleet of 20 open hatch gantry crane vessels.

Andrew Lemmis, Managing Director of SeaSafe Marine, said: “This is the first fleet agreement that SeaSafe Marine has in place and I am sure it is just the beginning as our services are attracting interest from a number of ship owners.

“The ship owners are attracted by the value-for-money service we offer, including invoicing what we quote, guaranteed attendance and cost effective genuine parts. SeaSafe Marine offers a single point of contact for clients and a global coverage for servicing.”

SeaSafe Marine’s current client list includes companies from across the maritime sector such as cruise, tankers and bulk carriers, and all are looking for a service which ensures they provide crew and passengers with reliable and compliant safety equipment at realistic pricing.

“We have engineers based in Hong Kong and China, who regularly travel around the world to deliver our services. We are soon to add engineers based in Singapore, the UK, Mainland Europe and USA,” said Mr Lemmis.

“Our clients have a need for maintaining lifeboats, but we offer much more than just standard services. Once on board, we also service gangways and accommodation ladders at no additional cost. Other benefits include pre-docking surveys, condition assessment checks on newly added tonnage and two visits a year on each vessel.

“We also consider it important that crew are proficient in using the equipment, which may well save their lives one day, so we also assist crew in performing drills and provide equipment-specific familiarisation training all in the attractive flat fixed service fee.”

SeaSafe Marine is an Independent Lifeboat Servicing and Testing Organisation (ILSTO). It is an authorised representative of major lifeboat and davit manufacturers, with Class and Flag approvals.

Wallem Group’s other third party services includes Marine Buying Services, which delivers procurement services to third party ship owners and other maritime businesses. MBS lowers operational costs by using economies of scale derived from planned project purchasing while allowing ship owners to remain in control of all decision making.