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INSIGHTS - 15/11/2020

Wallem’s new ERP platform will usher in an era of unprecedented collaboration between shore and sea staff and smarter communication across different teams and departments, bringing more benefits to shipowners

The roll-out of our new fleet management system BASSnet marks a major step forward in the realisation of Wallem Group’s company vision of becoming the world’s leading provider of technology-driven maritime solutions.

BASSnet is an enterprise-wide platform designed specifically to close the gap between vessel and shore operations. where all stakeholders operate in a truly transparent and collaborative environment.

By enabling greater standardisation across the company, its introduction will bring significant benefits in the way we manage the operation, safety, maintenance and financial performance of ships in the Wallem fleet. It will help tackle the mounting burden on seafarers as they contend with increasing compliance demands and more stringent regulatory landscape in addition to the technical complexities of ship operation.

Having all data at your fingertips will eliminate frustrating delays, resulting in a productivity boost that will enable us collectively to provide our customers with a better level of service and contribute to the bottom line. It will dramatically improve transparency and, most important of all, deliver a better service to our customers. Below we describe just a handful of the expected benefits:

Operations: BASSNet provides 360-degree visibility with respect to vessel voyage management and schedule. This will enable the operations team to closely monitor each vessel’s performance individually. It will automatically alert them to any deviations from instructed speed or anticipated fuel consumption and make it easier to benchmark and compare performance with other ships.

It also means all vessel’s certificates and other particulars are instantly available which can save time when entering port or required to demonstrate compliance. In particular, the preparation of a ship for a SIRE inspection is expedited thanks to the pre-vetting template, and the system makes it easy to keep track of any subsequent corrective actions raised in the inspection results.

Technical management: The new platform allows the technical team to transition from the one-size-fits-all maintenance model to ship-specific planned maintenance systems. This will lead to increased reliability and less downtime and promises enhanced performance during class and other inspections.

Safety: One of the biggest advantages of the new platform is that it significantly enhances safety. Smoother communication and easier collaboration between departments will aid considerably in the planning and carrying out of risk assessments. Moreover, it will make it easier to track and manage the implementation of corrective actions, setting in motion a process of continual improvement.

Crewing: By providing a fuller picture, BASSnet will allow the crewing department to put the performance of a seafarer in the context of the challenges on a ship, resources, asset condition and overall performance. It will simplify the workflow and improve interaction with the crew onboard.

Procurement: At sea, standardization will assist ship staff to manage inventory accurately and efficiently, allowing timely material requisitioning and reducing wastage. Full synchronisation of ship and shore systems will smoothen the procurement process by reducing inconsistencies and the possibility of errors.

Finance: BASSnet will provide a new level of transparency to ship owners by giving them real time visibility and insights into their vessel’s actual operating expenses. Consistent data sets will bring appreciable financial benefits, not least in performing analytics of operating expenditure based on vessel type and age. In practical terms, this will help pinpoint opportunities to improve performance, extend best practice management and ultimately increase the value-add to our customers by reducing the operating cost of their vessels.


Our strategy was to implement a single platform built around a single database. The new platform has been already rolled out on several vessels in the Wallem fleet and more vessels will migrate to the system over the next months. The project is being carried out in close cooperation with our partners at BASSnet. But at every stage, it has demanded the expertise, energy and drive of people from across Wallem Group.

Implementing a complete enterprise solution is also an investment for the future, as it will enable Wallem to leverage the potential of big data in our business processes. Most shipping companies realise they are sitting on vast quantities of data generated by their vessels, but they lack the tools for systematically collecting, organising and analysing it.

With BASSnet in the final stages of its implementation, Wallem has a unified suite which puts those capabilities in our grasp. This will open the data pipeline and transform Wallem into a data-driven organisation befitting of a ship management group in today’s digital world. The new business intelligence insights will boost agility and resiliency, enabling Wallem to navigate safely through periods of uncertainty and economic headwinds.



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