IT and Systems Support

  • Onboard audits of existing systems to ensure best practice

  • Recommendation of IT hardware and software; equipment upgrade, installation and repair

  • Installation of Wallem systems onboard to provide services to non-managed vessels

  • Administration and support for onboard IT systems

We continue to work on expanding our bulkcarrier fleet and the ship management services provided by Wallem to date have been excellent.
CEO, Interocean Transportation Inc
Heartfelt gratitude for producing the quality of work unsurpassed by professionals in the same field. Thank you for your relentless determination and patience in getting this very difficult project completed.
Director, VR Shipping PTE LTD
I had a very good visit to the ship today with our investor. The ship looked very good. It is obvious the crew is performing preventative maintenance and taking good care of our vessel.
Owner, Intrepid Shipping