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Our People are our most valued and important asset. As our business grows, we are seeking professionals (both at sea and ashore) with a positive ‘can-do’ attitude, an open and creative mindset and a commitment to quality service.

In turn we invest in our people through ongoing training and career development, with an emphasis on collaboration and team building. Wallem is a place of diversity, respect and teamwork. Join us!

Job Opportunities

At sea

On Shore Opportunities

  • Objective

    To ensure nominated vessels are Maintained & Operated in line with Statutory Instruments, Company Policy & Safety Management System, Industry Best Practice & Vessel Owners Requirements.

    Job Responsibilities

    • To act as the single point of accountability, monitoring all onboard activities and providing Technical & Operational Guidance and Support to the Master & crew of nominated vessels as required.
    • To ensure Safety & Environmental Compliance with respect to Statutory Regulations, Company Policy & Safety Management System, Industry Best Practice and owner’s requirements are given the highest priority by both the shore and vessels staff.
    • To closely monitor and support all operations onboard nominated vessels, providing assurance that they are undertaken in full Compliance with Statutory Regulations, Company Policy & Safety Management System, Industry Best Practice and owner’s requirements, whilst meeting efficiency & economic expectations.
    • Responsible for all budgetary expenditure on nominated vessels, providing timely reports & analysis to Fleet Manager(s) and Owner(s) as required.
    • Acting as Client/Owners point of contact ensuring the highest level of customer Service & Satisfaction are maintained whilst also protecting the Wallem brand and our employees from risk.
    • Provide Direction, Coaching, Guidance, Mentoring and Evaluation of senior sea staff to ensure that all operations are carried out safely & successfully whilst also enabling senior sea staff with their individual career progression & development
    • Monitoring and maintaining a thorough knowledge of current Technical Superintendents Work Instructions which may be subject to review and revision from time to time, whilst completing all Tasks detailed in the Technical Superintendents Work Instructions for nominated vessels
    • Act as part of the Shore-based Emergency Response team as required.
    • Complete any additional Tasks as reasonably requested by the Fleet Manager.

    Qualification, skills & competencies

    • Demonstrate Safety & Compliance based approach to Technical Operations
    • Ability to communicate at a good level in both Spoken & Written English and Mandarin.
    • Ideally have a minimum of 2 years sailing experience in a Senior position onboard or similar Senior Engineering position within the Marine Industry.
    • Ability to formulate and comprehend official correspondence relating to Technical matters.
    • Ability to provide leadership, guidance and effective delegation in all situations.
    • Ability to provide clear & concise instructions as part of Command & Control duties within the Casualty Response Team.
    • Ability to analyze developing situations and make the appropriate notifications to Senior Management & Owners/Charters/3rd parties as required.
    • Ability to demonstrate a good standard of computer literacy.
    • Ability to produce professional reports. Can demonstrate knowledge of computerized planned maintenance systems used in the Marine Industry.

    Wallem offers competitive remuneration to suitable candidates, including 5 days work, medical, life, dental and maternity insurance, 10% MPF employer contribution, performance bonus,etc. If you have initiative, self-motivation, adaptability and a willingness to learn and grow, we would love to hear from you. Please email us in strict confidence, attaching your resume, expected salary and complete contact details at

    (Personal data collected will be kept under strict confidence and will be used for recruitment purposes only.)

  • Provides interface between shipboard management and shore based regulatory authorities, ship owners in order to ensure ship safety and implementation of the company’s quality management system.

    Job Responsibilities

    • Plans and arranges safety and training matters on board vessels and among sea staff to ensure loss prevention programs are implemented and monitored.
    • Reviews the ship inspection reports from the Training Superintendent to ensure the company safety and quality management system are properly implemented on board.
    • Manages Fleet Safety, Health, Environmental & Quality Assurance Programs of the Company on board & ashore, with a view towards bringing about an overall & continual reduction in lost time due to personnel & operational incidents.
    • Plans & schedules internal and external audits of Company offices and ships, to ensure all ISM, Quality, Environmental and OH&S certification remains valid. In this connection, interacts with auditing bodies for implementation of corrective & preventive action.
    • Oversees daily all vessels’ navigational & cargo safety operational matter and advise Master as applicable to prevent “Loss”.
    • Supervises Incident/Accident report receipt under SIRIS and provides feedback to ship and generates analysis reports.
    • Controls shipboard video & computer based training using ‘Videotel on Demand’ software for meaningful shipboard training is carried out.
    • Monitors movements of vessels and registers vessels which transit Gulf of Aden with MSCHOA web-site and co-ordinates participation of vessels with Naval convoys as applicable.
    • Updates and carries out revisions of Company SMS manuals and SMS documentation.
    • Prepares of analysis reports of vessel’s performance in PSC inspections, internal audits and external audits.
    • Monitors SMS quarterly review reports from ships and Masters’ reviews of the safety management system.
    • Others duties as assigned.

    Qualification, skills & competencies

    • Competent language skills in written and spoken English, with the ability to formulate and comprehend official correspondence relating to matters of Safety, QMS, ISM and ISO systems.
    • Ability to provide leadership in an emergency & issue clear, concise instructions, maintaining effective delegation of duties and command & control among a Casualty Response Team
    • Ability to analyze and report on situation as it develops, to senior management & owners
    • Strong communication skills
    • General computer skills

    If you have the drive for achievement, we’d love to hear from you. Please apply via email in strict confidence, setting out the position you are applying for clearly in the subject line, with your full resume, expected salary and contact details to

    Personal data collected will be kept under strict confidence and will be used for recruitment purposes only.

  • Role
    Chartering and Operations Executive for tankers, bulk carriers, gas carriers, chemical carriers, and/or any other type of ship managed commercially by Wallem Commercial Services engaged on voyage charter / time charter / COA etc.

    Key Responsibilities & Accountabilities

    • Issuing and following up on payment of freight invoices / hire invoices to charterers.
    • Calculation of laytime and reporting demurrage / dispatch. Issuing demurrage invoices as necessary.
    • Maintaining separate voyage accounts for each vessel.
    • Overseeing day to day commercial operations of ships and issuing voyage instructions to Master.
    • Appointing and dealing with agents and inspectors on a regular basis.
    • Assisting in settlement of disputes with charterers.
    • Maintaining record of off-hire and ensuring that downtime is minimized at all times.
    • Checking voyage bunker requirement and collecting bunkers quotes. Purchasing bunkers for vessel upon confirmation by Fleet Manager.
    • Monitoring ship’s speed and consumption and vessel maintaining performance records. Highlighting under-performance to technical managers and ensuring that necessary steps are taken to rectify any under-performance.
    • Ensuring that ships are being operated as per Charter Party.
    • For tankers, ensuring adequate SIRE inspections have been carried out and liaising with technical managers vetting department for inspections.
    • Maintaining proper voyage records.
    • Preparing monthly / weekly reports as required.

    Qualifications, skills & competencies

    • University Degree in Maritime or related discipline
    • 2-3 year’s working experience in operations in the maritime industry
    • Experience in Chartering will be an advantage

    Skills & Competencies

    • Good interpersonal and communication skills
    • Good command of spoken and written English
    • Ability to work independently
    • Ability to accept new challenges

    Wallem offers competitive renumeration to suitable candidates, including 5 days work, medical, life and dental insurance, performance bonus, etc. If you have initiative, self-motivation, adaptability and a willingness to learn and grow, we would love to hear from you. Please email us in strict confidence, attaching your resume, expected salary and complete contact details at

Our People